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Spanish super-hunk Antonio Banderas seems always happy to share lots of skin with his fans and this has been the case since he was first discovered by the great director Pedro Almodovar. Here’s some Banderas bod in his prime.

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Time for a little athletic skin and who better than Australian ultra-hunk and rugby champ Nick Youngquest? Nick pretty much defines what it means to be a beautiful jock and this new pic proves the point in a way that a thousand words could not.

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Words are sometimes just totally extraneous and when it comes to hotboy hunk Chace Crawford a picture is worth way more than a thousand words. With thanks, these are from the huge giant gallery on the STARMALE male celeb site:

Check out this “Diary of Zac Ephron” video with plenty of shirtless Zac:

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Italian actor Bruno Todeschini is one seriously hot hunk o’man and, lucky for us, someone who actually seems to enjoy making movies when he’s naked. Compliments of STARMALE, here’s some new caps that show off Mr. Todeschini’s body to it’s full advantage. These pictures make my mouth water!!!

I don’t normally follow-up one post with another featuring the same celebrity, but when it’s the mega-hunky Philip Olivier, well, I can’t help it, especially when he’s appearing in a hilarious wrestling video wearing nothing more than a glorified jock strap! Drool worthy to be sure:

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Nice skin compilation of the lovely Philip Olivier, nearly almost nearly nude.

Given how many movies and TV shows, Kiefer Sutherland has made, it’s amazing how few nudes there are of this mega-star. Happily, these new caps from the rare 1993 made-for-TV film Last Light provide some nice views of Kiefer’s ass.

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The always outrageous Steve O takes it all off for PETA, once again revealing that his is one of the finest butts in the business. I’m not sure a nude Steve O is the best argument for vegetarianism, but whatever rocks your world. You can find lots more Steve O nude pics and videos by clicking here:

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