Man o charlie manson, this fine looking guido makes me go all giggly, particularly when I remember that he’s the poor sad sack who got busted for having sex with the corpse of a 92-year-old grandma. If you’re in need of a snicker or two, you can read all about it here.

Now darling chilluns, you just gotta wonder both about the how and the why in this case. I mean, Tony ain’t exactly an ugly mo-fo, fact is he ought not to have had any problem getting laid so how comes it that he chose to make fast-n-loose with grandma’s cold decomposing bod? I’m guessing (based on absolutely NO evidence but that provided by my own mournful experience) this is yet another of those cases of a hyper sex-drive gone wildly, even madly out of control. The mind reels, the stomach churns and yet…and yet how can we not think of what might have been in a different place, in a different circumstance.

More pixs of the audacious Mr. Merino:

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  1. For the record, he’s not guido, he’s Hispanic.

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