Before the delectable Ashton Kutcher moved onto superstar status on TV and film, he was a top model who specialized in displaying his most prominent assets in as little underwear as possible. Here’s a nice You-tube vid that captures some of that magic:


As noted in previous posts, some pictures are worth a whole lot more than a thousand words. These captures from “Triage” provide a case in point with the point being Colin Farrell or, more particularly, his totally exposed penis. And what a glorious penis it is!

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Presenting the gorgeous Johan Libereau:

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These new captures of UK hottie Jon Fleming are from the STARMALE DAILY PICTURE FEED which features dozens of new pictures of hot male celebs every week and is pretty much unique on the entire web. If you’re looking for pictures and videos of nude male celebs, you really need to check out STARMALE!

Spanish super-hunk Antonio Banderas seems always happy to share lots of skin with his fans and this has been the case since he was first discovered by the great director Pedro Almodovar. Here’s some Banderas bod in his prime.

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