A nice bit of skin with the delectable Bradley Cooper from TV’s Nip/Tuck:

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As these Starmale caps from Taking Woodstock prove, actor and cuteboy Emile Hirsch is not afraid of showing off the family jewels if the role demands it, vide:

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Actor Jeremie Elkaim may not be well-known outside of his native France, but he deserves to be, both on account of his superb acting skills and, more to our point cause he’s one very hot looking man who apparently loves to perform in the buff! Check out these ultra-hot captures:

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I fully admit that I am totally fucking in love with James Franco. There, I’ve said it and now the world knows. Now if only James would call or write! Anyway, here’s three pics that make the point and make it in the nicest way:

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Everybody knows we’re huge fans of Starmale, the all-male nude celebrity website. I mean, what’s not to like when they have nearly 80,000 pictures and videos? But we downright love them when they post something as ultra-hot as these high-resolution captures of ultra-hunk MANU BENNETT from TV’s Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  I mean, this one dude who needs to be naked and full-frontal! Here’s a few samples from the 60 shots they just posted:


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