Mario Lopez

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CELEBRITY BUZZ – From Dancing With The Stars to Broadway to a fitness book, Lopez was named the sole host of the tabloid show Extra. Looks like A.C. Slater has managed to spur his heartthrob status into piles of money Lark Vorhiees could only dream of. As long as he promises to never bring back the jherecurl box cut.

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What Ever Happened to Carrot Top?

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CELEBRITY BUZZ – A plastic surgery disaster in the making coupled with steroid abuse, Carrot Top looks like a hot tranny mess. He totally looks like that guy from The Mask now.

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Unless you live in Florida, the name Charlie Crist may not a ring a bell, but he’s that state’s Republikan gov’nor and oh boy is he proud of it. Apparently, that really old man who’s running for president on the Republikan ticket is thinking that the relatively young and fresh-faced Charlie might be a good choice for his running mate. But uh oh, there might be a little problem lurking in the background:

Have I said how much I be lovin Sigur Ros? Any doubts end with this vid: