Christopher Ciccone

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CELEBRITY BUZZ – Madonna’s gay brother has written a “brutal” tell-all about his sis. Who knew Madonna had a brother? They used to be inseparable! Now this. The publisher’s rushing out the book to beat the lawyers to the punch; look for it next month.

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Shia LaBeouf: Drunk Homophobe

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CELEBRITY BUZZ – Shia LaBeouf says he is “embarrassed” by a video which showed the visibly drunk actor in a slapping contest where he calls an unidentified male a “faggot.” After all those years of sporting the Brian Krakow ‘fro, Shia should have a profound understanding of what embarrassment is.

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OK, I admit it. I’m hopelessly, desperately attracted to bad boys. The nastier, more hapless, broken and bad, the better. Case in point this day, Mr. Amy Winehouse, a.k.a. Blake Fielder-Civil. This particular 26-year-old sad sack is currently spending his time in pokey for assaulting a publican and then trying to bribe him to cover up the offense. He pleaded guilty today and will undoubtedly be spending some more quality time at the Queen’s expense.

Blake Fielder-Civil shirtless

But even in gaol (OH that spelling sends chills down me Yankee spine!), Blakey boy still manages to make headlines. During his incarceration, wifey dear was apparently being consoled by a variety of different gentlemen callers. Turns out, before and even after his arrest, Mr. Fielder-NOT SO-Civil was also finding time to be found in the arms of ladies other than his lawful wife. Oh wotta wacky wonderful world when first we practice to cuckold!

Blake Fielder-Civil shirtless

Oh well, I can’t help it. I find him irresistibly charming and throughly baaaaaad.

O man, this is a definite HOOT!

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OK, we admit it. We’re oh so hot for Jake Gyllenhall…so that makes us and about 50 million other people!

And it’s for good reason cuz Mr. Gyllenhaal doesn’t only have his licks down solid as an actor, wowing us wild in films as diverse as Danny Darko, Jarhead and, of course, Brokeback Mountain, but he remains one of the sexiest and most popular young stars in the whole Hollywood cosmos.

As far as skin is concerned, Jake seemed to have an initial reluctance to show much of his, but in the last few years, he’s been increasingly less inhibited in both film and public, giving fans ample opportunities to check out his fine form. In the aforementioned Jarhead (2005), Jake provides some superb views of his seriously sinewy ass. Vide

Jake Gyllenhaal nude
Jake Gyllenhaal nude
Jake Gyllenhaal naked

Let’s start the summer off right, shall we?