Lance Bass And Joey Fatone: FUN!

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You are not immune to the FUN they are having in these pictures!! Haha, fun times!!!! ( via )

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Mario Lopez

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CELEBRITY BUZZ – From Dancing With The Stars to Broadway to a fitness book, Lopez was named the sole host of the tabloid show Extra. Looks like A.C. Slater has managed to spur his heartthrob status into piles of money Lark Vorhiees could only dream of. As long as he promises to never bring back the jherecurl box cut.

nude pics and vids here

What Ever Happened to Carrot Top?

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CELEBRITY BUZZ – A plastic surgery disaster in the making coupled with steroid abuse, Carrot Top looks like a hot tranny mess. He totally looks like that guy from The Mask now.

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Christopher Ciccone

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CELEBRITY BUZZ – Madonna’s gay brother has written a “brutal” tell-all about his sis. Who knew Madonna had a brother? They used to be inseparable! Now this. The publisher’s rushing out the book to beat the lawyers to the punch; look for it next month.

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Shia LaBeouf: Drunk Homophobe

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CELEBRITY BUZZ – Shia LaBeouf says he is “embarrassed” by a video which showed the visibly drunk actor in a slapping contest where he calls an unidentified male a “faggot.” After all those years of sporting the Brian Krakow ‘fro, Shia should have a profound understanding of what embarrassment is.

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