Hey boyz n girlz — not a lot to say bout this one except how unusual it is when an artist (especially one of the world’s leading contemporary painters/sculptors) sheds his own clothes and acts as his own nude model. Check out Jeff Koons as both art object and object of our desires:

I’m constantly astonished at how few people who consider themselves cool and underground (to say nothing of transgressive or queer) are familiar with Jean Cocteau. Writer, artist, filmmaker, raconteur and all-around genius, Cocteau (born 1889) created across almost every major artistic platform of the 20th century, absorbing and innovating forms and styles as frequently as our 21st century artists change their hair color. All at once kaleidoscopic and solemn, his work presages the collapse of the final dividing lines between life and art, between reality and fiction.

Check out his wiki-bio here where you’ll also find a list of his works.

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